Bru Pearce


Bru Pearce leads Envisionation and is the key individual linking all the various component parts together. He conceived of the Envisionation brand in 2006 while working in the Caribbean where he recognised the enormous exposure of small island states to climate change and determined that he needed to know a lot more about its likely severity and timing, as this would be essential to coming up with a viable strategy for the future development of small island states.

By 2008 Bru had recognised that climate change would start non-linear acceleration as multiple feedbacks interacted to reinforce one another, and therefore act as multipliers, meaning that climate change was going to be the overriding driver of everything that happens in the 21st century; it was just a matter of when?.

In 2010 together with Nick Breeze he established the website and commenced an in-depth study into the holistic impacts of climate change and potential solutions. The Envisionation website quickly became a highly-respected portal for climate change messaging and enabled Bru to build a very broad range of connections in all aspects of Earth system related subjects.

By 2012, initially influenced by James Lovelock’s Gaya theories, Bru was looking at the whole Earth system from a biological standpoint recognising that it was the Earth’s biomass that has created the environment as we know it and that this formerly self-regulating system was becoming dangerously out of balance.

He concluded that man’s primary damage to the Earth’s climate management system was that of causing more than a 50% reduction in the overall amount of living biomass on the planet. Thereby reducing the size of the overall carbon cycle. The consequence is a reduction in the resilience of the overall system, which is likely to increase the planet’s sensitivity to increasing greenhouse gases. This factor is absent from all the major climate models.

Having a holistic appreciation of what is wrong also allows one to come up with solutions and Bru has proposed a Global Environmental Restoration Project based on the re-growing of 600 gigatonnes of live organic carbon. He was among the first to recognise the importance of Sev Clarke’s work on the development of Ocean fertilisation technologies by buoyant flakes as a means of biomass restoration and carbon drawdown.

Bru is working closely with David Tattershall on the development of the Unity Plan which takes a whole earth system, including human societal structures, approach to designing an exponential solution that can overtake the non-linearity of climate change impacts.

Prior to Envisionation Bru Pearce had a 25 year career, in maritime resort development, initiating and developing projects in Europe and the Caribbean. Previously Bru was a professional yachtsman and studied landscape architecture.

Always a dedicated environmentalist in his work, Bru has observed and experienced extreme weather events and environmental change first hand. He is a compulsive surfer and yachtsman utterly committed to doing everything he can to ensure a sustainable future for his children and grandchildren. +44 (20) 8144 0431