Due Diligence Analysis of ‘Three Years to Safeguard Our Climate’

In February 2017 Johan Rockström made a presentation to the World Economic Forum titled ‘Beyond the Anthropocene’. The key points were that the rate of climate change has entered a highly dangerous non-linear or accelerating mode and a non-linear response is immediately required to avert extremely deleterious outcomes. The nearly 140-year record of the observed change in global average temperature, as compiled by NASA, correlates well with Rockström’s conclusions. 

In March, Rockström et al. published a ‘Roadmap’ that specified the elements of a non-linear response and in June, with an expanded team, issued the report ‘Three Years to Safeguard Our Climate’ (3Years). This document was, as we understand it, the basis for a briefing to the leaders of the G20 at their 2017 meeting in Hamburg. We also believe that this report led French President Macron to call for a meeting on December 12, 2017 to address financing the suggested plan to deal with the ongoing, non-linear increase in global average temperature. 

We judge that the threat has been correctly analyzed, but consider there to be major weaknesses in the responses that are proposed. 




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