Corporate Fiduciary Responsibility: Climate Change Risks & Opportunities


A Risk and Opportunity Briefing for Business by Envisionation Ltd

In 2016 the global surface temperature anomaly was 1.26°C above a 1880-1920 base period.

This document is a briefing by the Envisionation Ltd team concerning:

  • Non-linear impacts of climate change have led to a sudden change in the anticipated timing of a sustained global mean temperature increase of 1.5°C above the preindustrial benchmark; several scientific and professional bodies are now forecasting this may be attained by the mid 2020s.
  • Increasing demand by investors, particularly among Institutional Investment Portfolio Managers, for companies to stress test their exposure to 1.5 and 2°C increases above the preindustrial benchmark; a 2°C increase could occur as early as 2030.
  • Growing potential for the increasing pace of warming to pose legal and other implications for corporations, particularly those arising from prospective lawsuits and regulations.
  • Our unique, risk-based approach to identifying and assessing probable climate-change impacts facing corporations has the potential to save corporations time and money, allay investor concerns, identify contingent liabilities, avoid costly litigation, protect directors from personal liabilities, and identify immense opportunities.



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