About Envisionation Ltd

Envisionation Ltd is a multidisciplinary group of climate scientists, business people and communicators who have collectively spent hundreds of thousands of hours studying the detail of how the whole earth systems functions in order to understand the level of our planetary crisis and determining how to move to a new sustainable paradigm.

We have taken a commercial risk assessment approach to understanding the high-level interrelationships of the whole earth system, both natural and anthropogenic. To do this we conceived the planet as the imaginary multifaceted corporation Earth Inc, and assessed its health.

Our findings confirm that far from facing low probability risks, observational science proves that almost every component of Earth’s biosphere, is seriously degrading at an accelerating rate and that on our current path catastrophic outcomes can be anticipated well before mid-century.

The acceleration in the degradation of the environment has now overtaken the consensus science-based international reporting systems and these are therefore tending to deliver un-realistically optimistic assessments. With the result that appropriate levels of action are not being taken.

The Envisionation team is taking a similar commercial approach to an assessment of what it will take to turn around the ailing Earth Inc and deliver a sustainable and prosperous future.

Very big changes are essential and one way or another, every individual, corporation and country is going to be affected. As these changes occur there are inevitably going to be winners and losers, although overall if we make the changes we all win, because the alternative is the total collapse of civilisation and the devastation of nearly every planetary environment. No one in their right mind wants to face this.

Opportunities for first movers are spectacular. Very soon it is going to be completely impossible to deny or ignore climatic and environmental changes, the facts of physics and biology simply can’t be negotiated. So, demand for action will deliver outstanding market opportunities. First movers will also have the best opportunities for damage limitation, skills transfer and asset adaptation.

History and Structure

Envisionation Ltd was first incorporated in Grenada in 2008 to provide sustainable solutions for small island states.

Envisionation climate change messaging was established in England in 2010, it has since become a highly respected portal for communicating cutting edge climate change information.

Envisionation Ltd registered in England was incorporated on 4 August 2016. This company draws together a team of people who between them have what is probably the most detailed holistic understanding of how the Earth system functions, the current state of global environmental degradation and a comprehensive set of structural and remedial measures to deliver essential Global Environmental Restoration so as to make a sustainable future possible.