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Legal finance for victims of environmental harm

It is the nature of environmental wrongdoing, that the transgressors are usually large, wealthy and powerful corporations or governments and that the impacted parties are often among the poorest members of society with the least ability to defend themselves. Meaning that it is profitable for the transgressors to ignore obligations and fight off poorly funded legal actions rather than to carry out restoration or make amends. Envisionation has set out to change this by bringing powerful financial resources to the aid of the victims, Clive Petty is a leading expert in assisting claimant groups and their legal teams secure funding to run significant legal actions.


Envisionation offers commercial consultancy services providing:

  • Briefings to Government Ministers and the boards of corporations, with the most up-to-date information in respect of timing and severity of climate change.
  • Clients assistance in interpret the status quo science from a risk assessment perspective.
  • Bespoke analysis of the client’s own specific climate change exposure, impacts, contingent liabilities and opportunity.
  • Identification of emerging technology where the clients existing skill sets may provide them with an adaptation advantage.
  • Advice in respect of obtaining legal redress to those that have been impacted by environmental crime.

The Envisionation team has direct access to most of the world’s leading climate scientists and can build bespoke teams to handle any assignment.

Solutions Technologies

Brokerage of solutions to finance and developer partnering – the Envisionation team are constantly on the lookout for evolving technologies that can provide solutions to the world’s clean energy development and environmental restoration needs. Through the company’s website and extensive network of contacts, Envisionation is regularly requested to provide advice and help in advancing projects to market.

Where the directors perceive that a technology is deserving of support, Envisionation will enter commercial agreements to assist in sourcing funding or make introductions to joint-venture partners.

Envisionation is also often able to add value by cross-fertilisation of complimentary technologies.


Climate Change Messaging

A vital part of Envisionation’s information gathering process is conducting interviews with leading scientists, politicians, religious leaders, financiers, and solutions developers concerned with the multiple aspects of climate change and global environment degradation

envisionation.co.uk was established in 2010 and is run as an independent climate change communication’s website. Through Nick Breeze, Envisionation’s editor and lead reporter the site has gained a reputation as a leading portal for cutting edge climate science. It has also attracted the attention of numerous solutions developers who are seeking assistance in financing and implementing their inventions. In response Envisionation Ltd was established in 2016 to take a commercial approach to solutions delivery. Our consultancy & brokerage activities help finance this work and assist in maintaining journalistic independence.

Global Environmental Restoration

The Unity Plan and the Global Environmental Restoration Fund are two components of a proposal to greatly accelerate climate change mitigation measures by directing 0.6% of the global bond market as a hedge against 97% of peer-reviewed science being correct.

Talk to us if you represent a major investment group that understands the depth of the climate change crisis and are looking for a way to capitalise on the global move to a new sustainable paradigm.

Sustainable Futures for Small Island States

Assisting small island states come up with strategies for sustainability in the light of impending climate change impacts.


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