David Tattershall

H. David Tattershall is a business analyst who was confronted with the reality of climate change in 2006 while he was engaged to develop a business plan for LEED certification software. Since then he has used his analytical skills, engineering, IP and contract law development training, to carry out a business style due diligence approach to climate change impacts and solutions.

Having assessed the situation and recognising its seriousness, David withdrew from all other business to co-found Hope Or Cope, LLC. He worked closely with Danish parliamentarians and the Nordic Council to produce a first draft of the Unity Plan; a 90-page document that resides in the Nordic Council reference library. Since 2010 David has been working almost exclusively with Dr. Michael MacCracken of the Climate Institute, Washington, DC, Bru Pearce, Perses Bilimoria and Nick Breeze; he is a founding member of the Envisionation Ltd.

David was an expert reviewer of the IPCC AR5 synthesis report for policymakers and of the latest American National Climate Change Assessment

David has a BSc in Production Engineering (Leeds, UK) and an MBA (Bradford, UK) and is qualified one year below the bar in IP and contract law. These qualifications were obtained as a mature student following a full apprenticeship as a fitter/turner and training as a designer draughtsman.

Prior to being recruited to the US, in 1980, David: serviced technological licenses in 16 countries; designed and installed 3 turn-key plastics plants in Spain, Canada, and the USSR (Moscow – before the Wall fell); supervised R&D; and appraised all major capital investments for his then employer John Waddington Ltd.

After turning around several failing entities in the first years of his residence in the US, David was approached by a group of high net-worth individuals to move to private consultancy. For the next 20 years he specialized in pre- and post-investment analysis, writing business plans for entrepreneurs and memorandums of offering for investors. During this period, he also personally secured two US patents.

David is a British national and proud Yorkshireman, resident in California. As well as being one of the world’s leading climate change analysts is also a highly accomplished musician.

David Tattershall